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Commons’ search engine generally works the same as the search engine on Wikipedia. For help with using the search engine, you can visit the English Wikipedia search help page (which is particularly detailed), or the same help page on other Wikipedias.

Search options on the Commons[edit]

intitle: and prefix: and other search options are activated on Commons search. Note especially the file properties search options. Also note that the prefixes are case sensitive; for example, a capital letter I in Incategory:"Cats" will not work.

Search using structured data[edit]

To search using structured data statements, use the keyword haswbstatement. For example, if you wanted to find all instances of {{#invoke:Wikibase|label|P180}} (P180) a {{#invoke:Wikibase|label|Q146}} (Q146), use: haswbstatement:P180=Q146. To find all instances of {{#invoke:Wikibase|label|P275}} (P275) {{#invoke:Wikibase|label|Q6938433}} (Q6938433), use: haswbstatement:P275=Q6938433.

Working search enhancements on the Commons[edit]

Proposed search enhancements for the Commons[edit]

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