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Template:Infobox Disney rideGrizzly Gulch is a themed land at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is the park's equivalent of Frontierland.

It is much smaller compared to the Frontierlands of other Disney Parks, featuring only one ride, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. This roller coaster attraction is a variation of the "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" attractions found at other Disney Parks, featuring special ride elements unique to this attraction, including backwards portions, and a high speed launch section.


Taking place in northern California during the Gold Rush, Grizzly Gulch was founded on August 8, 1888, believed to be the luckiest day of the luckiest month of the luckiest year. However, the early settlers of the region ran into misfortune as they soon discovered that they had built atop a geyser field. This old part of town is now called "Geyser Gulch".

Eventually, the town's luck began to change. Captain Phineas Cosgrove was exploring the mountainside and came across a family of three bears scratching themselves along the rocks. As they left, he found traces of gold and staked a claim, starting the Big Grizzly Mountain Mining Company. As the mine grew, another amazing find came when a local stray golden retriever named "Lucky" sniffed out and lead miners to a gigantic 150-pound gold nugget, now on display at the local Asay Office. These animals became beloved mascots of the town, with the family of bears (given the names Rocky, Mother Lode, and Nugget) being given protection in spite of them occasionally making trouble for the mine.

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  • Bear Necessities

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  • A sign in Disneyland outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad mentions Grizzly Gulch as existing within the vicinity as Rainbow Ridge, Thunder Mesa and Tumbleweed; each of which is a town from a different version of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is due to Big Grizzly being a sort of reimagining of Big Thunder.


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