Giant Laser Drill

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Template:PropThe Giant Laser Drill is the world's most powerful laser. It is featured in the episode "Bueno Nacho" of the animated television show Kim Possible.


The Laser was originally located in an undisclosed location in northern North America (likely Alaska). The drill is seen operating next to an oil pipeline. Dr. Drakken, Shego, along with henchmen, steal the laser drill. Dr. Drakken's Phase 1 plan to use the drill to reach the molten magma beneath the earth's crust. His Phase 2 plan is to use his Magma Machine to melt Wisconsin and rename it Drakkenville.

Dr. Drakken takes the laser to the giant Swiss cheese wheel in Wisconsin, which many people think is a building. Inside the cheese, Dr. Drakken uses the laser to reach the magna. Once the magma machine was in place, it starts to suck up the magma. Ron pushes all of the buttons on the laser's controls which ends up melting the cheese and destroying both of the machines.


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