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Gaia Virtual Lounge, previously known as Gaia OMG, is an application for Bebo and Facebook users. It was released December 13 2007 for Bebo and January 16 2008 for Facebook.

The lounge is an easy way for anyone a member of the social networking sites and Gaia to immediately start talking to other people using the application. Different objects can be clicked and shook to earn gold in the application, which can either be cashed out onto the main site or can be collected to earn exclusive GO items.

Virtual Lounge[edit]

The virtual lounge is where users of the application are first placed. It has a purple and blue tiled dance floor with standing lamps with colored lights, a stage with decks and large speakers, and even a pool. The speakers can be shaken, as can lighting rigs and large balloons on the floor. There is an exit sign which will lead out to the parking lot.

Parking Lot[edit]

The parking lot is the same as the one in Gaia Rally, with a 24/7 minimart and spaces to park ones car. Bins, bollards and shopping trolleys can be shaken.


As more objects are shaken, the gold count in the application will increase, and this is automatically saved so breaks of exiting the page can be taken and the gold will be recorded. If the gold collected amounts to 1,000, a prize will be given. The prizes go in order; they are not randomized. The items can be worn in a variety of colors.

  • GO Player: This cute little guy has so much storage space, it can hold every song ever recorded :D
  • GO Phones: These noise cancelling headphones have surround sound that is out of control. Its like putting a home theater on your head.. except lighter.
  • GO Phone: Hello?
  • GO Helmet: ...

Vending Machines[edit]

In each area is a vending machine, where the user can purchase elaborate emoticons, different avatars and other things to use whilst in the application, and are purchasable with the gold in the application, not real site gold, although some are free.

Actionable Items[edit]

  • Archway (500 Gold)
  • Fast (300 Gold)
  • Jumbo (300 Gold)
  • Mini (200 Gold)
  • Celebrate (150 Gold)
  • Spitwads (150 Gold)
  • Comic Book (50 Gold)
  • Dice (20 Gold)
  • Tomatoes
  • Soda
  • Brain Freeze
  • Bubble
  • Popcorn
  • Throw Popcorn
  • Laser
  • Kiss
  • Fireball
  • Disco Ball
  • Disco Squares

Equippable Items[edit]

These items have no effect on site and cannot be kept after the application is exited.

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