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The Gaia Storyline Wiki is an archive of GaiaOnline's in-universe lore regarding its plot, characters, and world. Our aim is to make Gaia's story more accessible to new and returning users by archiving the less documented plotlines, events, and character moments throughout Gaia's history, all in one place.
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Gaia Storyline Wiki is a wiki about Gaia Online's manga, mini comic, and item content, it was created 2018 March 12‎ and founded by Big Thugger and it currently has up to 15 content pages. It is hosted by Wikia, a free web hosting service for wikis. Gaia Storyline Wiki is not affiliated with Gaia Online or GAIA Interactive Inc.


The Gaia Storyline Wiki keeps track of story content, with information and trivia for Gaia NPCs (currently).

Currently the wiki requires more contributors.


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