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GaiaOnline's MySpace page, created on June 19, 2008, features its enticing pictures located on the front page of the Official GaiaOnline homepage. GaiaOnline's MySpace shows acts of safety awareness with reminders of account safety. GaiaOnline's MySpace page also includes information on all of its games, including its upcomming MMO. It also contains a constantly updated announcement section for users to keep track of announcements, an opinion primate poll section, and a section for helpful sites provided by the users of Gaia Online (Gaiapedia is listed).

The MySpace pages music is Hypnotized by MObonix -- featured in the Gaia Prom.

It is still unconfirmed if "gaiaonmyspace" is actually run by Gaia Staff, as the appearance of another, more legit, page has since showed up in January of 2010.

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