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Template:PropThe Fusion Chamber is a piece of equipment featured in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch.


This rounded device is a large glass chamber backed by a series of equipment used for different charging purposes. In the movie, it was used for charging Stitch's molecular structure in order to prevent him from short-circuiting and dying.

Upon seeing Stitch having a breakdown during movie night, Jumba knew it was too good to be true. He revealed to Pleakley that during his creation, his molecules weren't fully charged as he was arrested by the Galactic Federation. Jumba needed to create a fusion chamber for Stitch to prevent him short-circuiting and dying, however, because he doesn't have the proper alien technology had to create one using household appliances such as a hairdryer, a coffeemaker, a blender, a plunger, and a toaster.

When it was created, Jumba tested it but exploded, he than revealed to Pleakley he didn't create the first one as he ordered it on catalogue. Losing hope that Stitch will shut down, Jumba started to create another one after some encouragement from Pleakley.

When a new one is finished, Jumba was about to test until he saw Stitch's charts that he was going soon. With no time to test it, the two ran off to find him.

However, after an incident in which Stitch scratched Lilo's face during another episode, he took Jumba's ship to fly off to another planet not knowing about the fusion chamber in the ship with him.

After crashing the ship due to another breakdown, Lilo took her hovercraft and flew into the position the ship crashed. Upon finding the fusion chamber and a dying Stitch, Lilo drags him to the machine and places him in. Turning it on, Lilo pleaded for Stitch to be all right, however, it was too late as Stitch says his goodbyes before dying.

After mourning for the loss of him, especially Lilo, who spent all her time focusing on winning the contest instead of Stitch, the monitor shows Stitch's molecules going up as in Stitch begins to revive again, showing she got him in the fusion chamber just in time given their love for each other.


  • The first fusion chamber that Jumba used after he created Stitch was not created by him; instead, he ordered it from a catalogue.
  • Jumba had to use some household appliances for a new fusion chamber since he didn't have proper alien technology were a hairdryer, a coffeemaker, a blender, a plunger, and a toaster.


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