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How To Create Articles

If you interested in creating new article on everything.wiki it's pretty simple to do that, we also provide you with video "how to create article". Everything.wiki built based on MediaWiki and works differently than other CMS because of the way it is used and this, of course, means that page creation is unique as well.

However, since there is a wiki page for just about everything nowadays, the process has been simplified considerably from the early days. This means that just about anyone can do it.

How Creating a MediaWiki Page Works

In the search box, search for the page you wish to create.


As long as the page does not exist already, you should see a “Create the page “example” on this wiki!” message. Click on the “example” to create the page. In this case, I searched for Geralt, so I will click on Geralt.


You will now be able to create a page for that search term. Click on the “Save Page” button when you are done.


How to Create Articles on youtube


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