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Faria Abdullah

Faria Abdullah, from Hyderabad made her debut in Tollywood through the film Jathi Ratnalu starring against Naveen Polisheety. She has been in theatres for over 5 years, along with acting, she did her attempts in direction, production, and off-camera activities like lighting. She started her early theatre journey through Vaishali Bisht, an organiser of a children’s theatrical festival.[1] She also worked with Samahaara Weekend Theatre Workshop, Kissago Theatre, Dramanon, Torn Curtains, Nishumbita Group and performed in over 50 stage shows till now. She has done workshops with Ratna Shekhar Reddy, RK Shenoy, Mala Pasha.[2]

Faria has upcoming projects lined up with Akhil Akkineni where she’s playing a role in the film and web series with Arka Media.[3]


Year Film Role Language Notes
2021 Jathi Ratnalu Chitti Telugu Released on 11 March[4]


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