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Departed Driver Rescue and Exit Maneuver (DDREM) technology detects if the driver is unable to drive and takes control of the vehicle, guiding it to safety.[1]


First, warning and driving assistance

If the DDREM system suspects that the driver is dozing at the wheel, it alerts the driver to wake up and sends a warning that recommends taking a break from the wheel. If the driver does not notice and the vehicle changes lanes, the system uses the lane assist function to keep the vehicle from veering off.[2]

Second, autonomous driving

If the driver continues to doze, the system takes complete control of the steering and moves the vehicle to the wayside unto a safe zone. After the vehicle is parked, it uses the telematics system to contact help.


The system monitors the position of the driver’s head, line of sight, blinking speeds and other identifiable physiological behavior. It also monitors vehicle position to identify any zig-zag movement patterns. As such, the DDREM system continuously learns the baseline patterns of a normal driving condition for the driver, so it can distinguish between different driving states, and minimize false alarm.[3]


  • Driver State Warning system (DSW)

The system monitors whether the driver is paying enough attention to the driving task, and if it decides the attention is low, it warns the driver with visual and audio warnings.

  • Driver Attention Warning system (DAW)

The system analyzes the driver’s usual tendencies and driving patterns, and when it detects irregularities in their driving, it alerts them with visual and audio warnings suggesting to take a rest.


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