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Abdullah Kanca
Abdullah Kanca

Abdullah Kanca (13 March 1934, Koyuncular (Vadon) ,Sürmene,Trabzon -19 January 2007 Istanbul). Turkish industrialist, businessman.

During the years 1954-1965, he took active role in trade and political organisations besides his business activities. He was the president of the Chamber of Agriculture in those years. In year 1958 ,Abdullah Kanca started to produce adze ,by giving financial support to about 20 blacksmiths craftsmen who were only making production at home with their restricted resources and supplying only to the nearby territory. The start of adze production in Sürmene was the first step in his industrialism journey. In year 1964 he founded the Kanca Koll Inc. (Kanca unlimited liability company) together with his brother İbrahim Kanca. He started to produce hammers by hiring 46 sqm workshop in Topkapı district of İstanbul.

Being a pioneer in the sector ,he started the production of the carpenter sliding clamps in 1966 and cast iron vises in 1967 both were first in Turkey. In 1976 he moved the production activities carried out in various workshops in Topkapı to the new production plant in Güneşliköy. In 1979, parallel to the expansion of the vehicle production in Turkey ,he started to produce forged parts for the automotive industry. He accomplished the first hand tools export of the Turkish industry in year 1982 which was recorded as an important success story. Because of this success he was awarded by İstanbul Chamber of Industry to the “leader exporter” level with a medal. In 1987, first he was elected to the board of the Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey (TAYSAD[1]) and afterwards to the Vice Presidency position . Starting from 1993 he put his great contribution to the world’s first Automotive Suppliers Industrial Zone (TOSB[2]) with his devoted and self-sacrificing efforts. He was the first president of TOSB.

Kanca Inc. was moved to the new and modern production plant with 25,000 sqm open and 55,000 sqm closed area, located in TOSB (Industrial Zone,) Gebze-Kocaeli in 2004 by Abdullah Kanca.

Abdullah Kanca always gave great value and importance to the education throughout his entire life and he aimed to found a Vocational High School with 600 student capacity in his hometown,Sürmene. He attended to the groundbreaking ceremony of the KTÜ,Abdullah Kanca Vocational High School in 2006 . Unfortunately, he could not attend to the opening ceremony of the school. He died in January 19,2007.[3][4][5]


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