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Abdul Haq Model

Abdul Haq is a Pakistani fashion Influencer. He has as a best male model, Started his career in 2020 he has established himself as one of the leading models working. Abdul Haq is rank as Pakistan's Most Handsome Faces, was chosen as one of the Top 100 Sexiest Pakistani Men

Early life[edit]

Abdul was born in Karachi on 17 March 1996 into a family of Punjabi ancestry "I wish I could speak Punjabi," he shared with YouTube Channel (2Goods4u). "I am unfortunately one of the non-Punjabi speaking Punjabi's. I am a Punjabi but have been living in Karachi. He lives in Lahore, and speaks Punjabi. His father was born in Sindh Gambhat, Pakistan (now Karachi, Pakistan), and moved to Karachi at a young age. His mother's family originated in Lahore, Pakistan (now Karachi).[1] young, his father was in Sindh Police, My Grandfather is pretty much a self-made man and I am proud of that. He was born in India and crossed the border from India to He has Five sisters and three brother Including me ; The studied at an Abbas Ali Memorial School, where he said he faced racial issues and was bullied because of his shy, calm, non-combative nature. Abdul passed his Intermediate at the Malir Degree College Murad Karachi, FUUSAT (LGS JT), and received a bachelor's degree in Bs Commerce from the Federal Urdu University Science Arts and Technology


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