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"A Study in Scarlet" is a 2005-year fully illustrated version of Doyle's masterpiece "A Study in Scarlet" by the Danish illustrator & writer Nis Jessen. In 2013 it is re-edited. The re-edited publication contains more than 600 illustrations.

History of "A Study in Scarlet" by Nis Jessen

Being a fan of author Arthur Conan Doyle, in his 60s Nis Jessen got a wish to create a fully illustrated version of Doyle's masterpiece, A Study in Scarlet.

8 years took time for finishing the work for the book. This edition in a hardcover book was published in 2005 by Hakon Holm Publishing. It consisted of 150 pages of text and illustrations (around 1100 persons, many buildings, contemporary means of transportation, and about 80 horses).

In 2013 Nis Jessen redid the pages from the beginning until he was satisfied that all pages were in harmony.

         «It's clear that Nis enjoys his work, but there must be something else to it as well. We discovered, that like Holmes, he has "art in the blood," and in Jessen's case it was not likely to take the strangest of forms, but to follow in the tradition of his ancestors who were artists and writers.»

        «Jessen, an artist native to Denmark, has lavishly illustrated A Study in Scarlet in two editions: a regular and a deluxe edition. This new edition of A Study in Scarlet is fully illustrated by the Danish artist.  The more than 600 striking illustrations bring new life to the original text from Beeton's Christmas Annual. »


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