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You think you're all that?! But you're not!
—Dr. Drakken

Dr. Drakken is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. He is the arch-nemesis of Kim Possible and the usual employer of Shego. Along with Shego, he reformed in the two-part series finale. He is the secondary antagonist in the TV special A Sitch in Time and the main antagonist in So the Drama.


As a boy, Drakken was inspired to choose a villainous lifestyle when he listened to a record he found in his mother's attic of his great-great-grandfather, Bartholomew Lipsky, talking about one of his plans. It was a brief clip, and while he didn't understand it, it, nevertheless, led a young Drakken to begin constructing destructive mechanisms and torturous devices and planted the seeds for the malevolently inclined disposition he now enjoys as an adult.

Drakken attended university with Kim's father, James Timothy Possible, as well as Bob Chen and Ramesh, but left after he was laughed at by the three when exhibiting for them the Bebe prototype (which later becomes a focal point for one of Shego's jabs of being a "college reject"). Apparently, after leaving school, he embarked upon the beginning of his life of crime. At some point, he turned blue, but all that is known about it is that "it was a Tuesday" when it happened.


Drakken is a self-categorized "evil megalomaniac" who is fueled by pettiness and jealousy. His descent into evil is because of other people picking on him.

He is also rather cowardly. He is often quailed by threats or stern actions from Shego. When confronted with a serious and mad Ron after the Little Diablo incident, his bravado quickly fled and he screamed Ron's name while cowering in the rain. He also has a degree of fear towards Kim Possible.

While he may be Kim Possible's arch-nemesis, Dr. Drakken is quite childish.

He also has difficulty understanding some of the more common aspects of life, which is the most common reason why Shego tends to pick on him. This is also evident when it is shown several times over, that Shego is in many ways smarter than him, but his ego won't let him admit otherwise.

Physical appearance[edit]

Drakken is of average height and build with light-blue skin, a long black ponytail, a scar under his left eye, and a thick, smooth unibrow. (Interesting, in Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time, as a kid, he sported his trademark light-blue skin; however, this may be because of Drakken's evil persona.)

Drakken's primary outfit is a blue double-breasted coat and trousers, with black gloves (which were gifted to him by his mother) and boots. He also wears a wide belt and a black collar, both of which are embossed with pale green circles.

As Drew Lipsky, Drakken was of average height with a smaller build with fair skin, slicked-back hair, wore glasses, and his thick, smooth unibrow, which is the only thing about him that remained the same after his transformation.

Drew's outfit, while in college, seemed to consist of a white shirt and tie, blue dress pants, and a blue jacket.

The reason for Drakken's blue-toned skin is never revealed. Although, from the beginning of a conversation between Drakken and Professor Dementor it is known that it happened on a Tuesday. It is also known that his skin coloration is somehow tied to his evil, as when it was removed by the Attitudinator his skin color returns to its natural color.


Drakken is a brilliant (but bumbling) scientist, who is capable of creating marvelous devices and inventions. However, those that Team Possible doesn't destroy have a tendency to fail on their own or be otherwise obliterated by a glitch in one of his faulty and impractical plans.

Despite his ability to innovate all on his own, Drakken has no qualms about stealing other people's scientific discoveries and using them for his evil purposes, referring to this as "outsourcing," occasionally to Shego's chagrin.


Kim Possible[edit]

In his first appearance in Tick-Tick-Tick, Drakken makes a nano-bot in the shape of a tick that had a bomb attached to it. The robot became stuck to Kim, but Ron was later able to get it off with hot sauce from Bueno Nacho. Drakken tried a lot more times to take over the world and destroy Kim Possible, but all attempts ended sadly for Drakken.

Following the events of "So the Drama," Drakken is arrested and sent to prison; while here, he forced to share a cell with talkative Frugal Lucre (much to his chagrin), whom he later teamed up with later in the fourth season. He made brief appearances in "Car Alarm" and "The Big Job", in which he would see someone seemingly coming to break him out of prison but then find out that they are only breaking Shego out. Eventually, in "Mad Dogs and Aliens", he was broken out of jail by Warmonga, who believed him to be "The Great Blue". In the series finale, he helps Kim and her allies ward off Warmonga and Warhok's invasion. Drakken also revealed to harbor a romantic interest in Shego, to which she reciprocated back to him.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series[edit]

Drakken appeared as the main antagonist in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Rufus" where he makes a temporary alliance with Dr. Hämsterviel to kidnap Stitch and clone him. He was almost foiled by Kim Possible, but Kim is soon captured by both Drakken and Shego. However, Rufus and Lilo manage to free Kim and Stitch, where all four of them destroyed Drakken's lair and escaped.

Kim Possible (live-action film)[edit]

Dr. Drakken appears in the film as the main antagonist yet again; however, in this version, he seems to be much more serious than his cartoon incarnate.



Drakken is the usual employer to Shego, and he treats her as his sidekick; however, their working relationship is rather bizarre. Because of Drakken's antics, Shego most often mocks him and his schemes, usually for her own fun. And Shego often tends to take a leading role in Drakken's schemes, due to his own bumbling. Despite this, Shego nonetheless shows a degree of loyalty to Drakken in his schemes, even if she thinks it will eventually fail, although this may be that even if the scheme fails, he pays her nonetheless.

Drakken and Shego have occasionally shown a deranged fondness for each other. It's most apparent when Drakken practically begs Shego to do what he asks. Shego showed her fondness for Drakken when, during her Christmas vacation, Drakken paid her vacation and sent her a Christmas letter; she loved the gesture and went back to look for him. In the series finale, they finally seem to acknowledge that they have deeper feelings to one another.

In the end, Drakken and Shego's relationship is somewhat similar to that of the relationship of the show's protagonists, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable: at the end of the day, they need each other.

Kim Possible[edit]

Drakken's arch-enemy is none other than Kim Possible. Although Drakken thinks he is a superior scientific genius, he's always stopped by the teen hero. He has a hard time understanding how Kim always defeats him. Kim often taunts Drakken about how his current scheme will end any differently than the last one. A running gag between the two is, that when Kim wrecks his plan, Drakken always rants to her "You think you're all that, but you're not!," whether with this particular wording or with some sort of variation, such as "You think your Nana's lemon squares are all that, but they're not!," for example. In the movie So The Drama, which was planned as the series finale, he finally admitted that "Maybe she is all that."

Despite the fact that Drakken and Kim are arch-enemies, Kim never really fights him directly.

Ron Stoppable[edit]

Kim's sidekick Ron is the one who clashes more directly with Drakken rather than Kim. Drakken considers Ron a buffoon, but it is because of this oversight that has caused many of his schemes to fail because he is too focused on Kim, which has allowed Ron to sneak in and ruin Drakken's plan. A running gag between Drakken and Ron is that Drakken never seems to remember his name, which annoys Ron. In the finale of So the Drama, Ron stopped Drakken personally, when he tried to escape and forced him to finally say his name. After some difficulty he did, pleasing Ron.

Much like Kim and Shego have a lot in common, so do Drakken and Ron. They are both rather childish and they like a lot of the same things.

Mrs. Lipsky[edit]

Drakken's mother, Mrs. Lipsky, has no idea about his son being an international supervillain; rather, she thinks he is a radio talk show doctor. This shows that Drakken actually has a deep love for his mother, as he doesn't want her to see him as evil and wants her to be proud of him.

Motor Ed[edit]

Motor Ed is Drakken's cousin, which he considers as the family black sheep; this is a strange and ironic concept considering he was evil himself. The two are polar opposites in many ways, except that both are evil. Whereas Drakken is a scientific genius, Ed is a mechanical genius.

Commodore Puddles[edit]

Commodore Puddles is Drakken's pet poodle that makes two appearances: Kimitation Nation and Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles (interestingly, his coloration varies between the episodes he's in). His appearance in Kimitation Nation is brief, as Drakken used part of Commodore Puddles' DNA as part of a plot to create clones that could match Kim Possible's strength. He has more of an important role in Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles; while plotting his evil scheme to infiltrate Area 51, Shego reminded Drakken that Commodore Puddles needed to use the bathroom and that if he wanted a pet, he's have to be responsible enough to take care of him. When Drakken's shrink ray malfunctioned, thanks to Commodore Puddles, Drakken used the enlarged poodle to infiltrate Area 51 anyway, implying how Drakken could use his pet to further his evil plots, until his plot was foiled by an enlarged Rufus. He has not appeared in any other episode, nor has been mentioned after the events of Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles.

Professor Dementor[edit]

Drakken and Dementor only appear together few times in the series. Their relationship is mostly described through dialogues between characters. From these dialogues it can be determined that they have a certain rivalry between them, as Drakken aims to be better than Dementor in every way, and vice versa. Drakken appeared to be visibly annoyed by Dementor's name being a pseudonym (of his base "Demens"), to which Shego immediately called out his hypocrisy by referring to Drakken by his actual name "Drew Lipsky."

The only real moment the two villains appeared together throughout the show was in the episode "Ron the Man". Drakken wanted to steal what Dementor stole first in order to make his henchmen more powerful. The two villains personally battled against each other for it, enforcing their rivalry, never allowing for a second of thought that they should probably work together since Kim Possible was on them.


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  • Drakken appears in more episodes than any other villain, just two times more than Shego because of two episodes where he appears and she doesn't, proving he is Kim's arch-nemesis.
  • He has the last ever line in the series: "It was a Tuesday..." (this line is the opening to the story of his blue skin). Sadly, we don't know the truth about his blue skin.
  • It is suggested that Drakken's sixth cloning attempt was in Lilo & Stitch: The Series given that Shego warned Drakken "What is it with the cloning thing? It never works for you; you're like over five [attempts]."

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