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Course Overview[edit]

The course is building on the learnings of the first semester of Strategic Design and Management of Parsons the School for Design, and will examine prevailing frameworks of innovation such as reverse, open, and disruptive innovation to identify and categorize contemporary innovations. The ways in which innovators describe their own innovations and processes will be examined, compared and assessed in terms of their validity and applicability. Additionally, the course will explore and encourage the development of leadership skills for entrepreneurs.

This course prepares and enables students to:[edit]

  • Assess their capacity as entrepreneurs, leaders, and inspirers of new ventures in for-profit as well as social sectors.
  • Leverage that capacity in relation to others, and motivate, inspire, and stimulate a shared vision.
  • Enables others to act.
  • Encourage the heart and work with emotions.
  • Model the way for others to aspire, imitate, and mimic.
  • Challenge the traditional processes of new venture initiation.
  • Creatively and innovatively propose an entirely new, (paradigmatic approach to seemingly familiar require an entrepreneurial intervention.
  • Generate their own critical perspective about the impact, opportunities, but also challenges and problematic issues for the design leader.
  • Implement a project requiring leadership.

Three Course Modules[edit]

Innovation and leadership are being widely used almost to the point that they have become nearly meaningless as a starting point for a serious academic discussion. Therefore, this course’s unique value proposition is based not just by providing a broad design contextualization, but also by providing the students with a rigorous scholarly basis. This course aims at giving students the confidence to be change makers, fusing innovation and leadership, while challenging them to do so using a human-centered and humanistic approach. The course looks at three levels: entrepreneurial/personal, corporate/organizational and systemic.

Module 1: Leadership and innovation - Individual Level[edit]

In the first module students learn on leadership and innovation from an entrepreneurial/personal perspective.

Module 2: Leadership and innovation - Organizational Level[edit]

In the second module students learn on leadership and innovation from an corporate/organizational perspective.

Module 3: Leadership and Innovation - Systems Level[edit]

The third module provides a systems thinking perspective to design innovation and leadership. Our scope of systems is broad, from complex organizational systems to social and economic systems.

Instructor List[edit]

Name Fall 2016 Fall 2015 Fall 2014 Fall 2013
Lisa Norton V
Craig Bromberg V
Shawn David Nelson V
Raz Godelnik V V
Roxanna Zarnergar V
Joseph B Press V V V V
Jonatan Jelen V V
Scott G Pobiner V V V
Reina Arakji V V V
Suzanna E. Schmeelk V V V
Thomas F. Cusack V
Thomas Michael Schmidt V V

Student Groups[edit]

FALL 2016/ Roxanna Zarnergar[edit]

Group Name Member Features Platforms
Brilliant Brain Mei-Yi Huang

Nattinee Wanchan

Ya-hui Chang

Yian Zhou

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Facebook Page
DIL - Design, Innovation & Leadership Gayatri Mohan

Savani Mirashi

Shuharn Yeh

Sucharita Jyothula

Prompts to stir thoughts

and actions


Facebook Page

Leadership and Innovation Allison Blitz

Francesca Molteni

Isabel Escobar

Inspirational quotes Facebook Page
Innovation Nation Antayra Mares

Daniela Golby

Lourdes Martinez Quine

Maria Virginia Alvarez Roldan

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