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Template:Infobox characterThe DT-87 Drone is a hi-tech security robot purchased by Scrooge McDuck. It is armed with dual propellors for aerial mobility and a laser that can melt through solid steel. It appears in the 2017 DuckTales episodes "Day of the Only Child!" and "GlomTales!".

Role in the series[edit]

In "Day of the Only Child!",

In "GlomTales!", the DT-87 prevents Louie from leaving, because he was grounded for the catastrophe he caused during the events of "Timephoon!". The DT-87's system shows an image of Della explaining to Huey that Gyro Gearloose made this robot to help babysit Louie and prevent him from causing further schemes. Louie then tries to leave his room only to be halted by the robot who is trying to stop Louie to his attempt to escape punishment. Later, the DT-87 then enters Louie's room and looks at a fake Louie and follows another one in Scrooge's closet only to find the real Louie trying to escape to which he ends up getting thwarted for his attempt to escape punishment. Louie disguises himself as Huey so that the DT-87 does not recognize Louie trying to escape only to find out that Louie is receiving an incoming call from the real Huey who is talking with Louie only to find out that Louie cannot talk to Della at this moment due to his punishment. Upset about his further scheme he would do, the DT-87 shows footage of Della defining ethics to Louie to which Della explains that to be part of the McDuck family, Louie must stop and learn the true meaning of ethics. Suddenly, the Iron Vulture arrives at McDuck Manor where the DT-87 notices Flintheart Glomgold's evil plans. It is then shown that the DT-87 not only detects Louie's schemes but also Glomgold's schemes to which it faces the Beagle Boys in a plan to stop Glomgold's schemes only to be punched by one of them, deactivating the robot, giving Louie the chance to escape punishment only to be blocked by Flintheart Glomgold and his team of villains planning to search Scrooge McDuck. Later during Scrooge's conversation with Zan Owlson, Huey explains to Della that the DT-87 never detected a single scheme for a while before being damaged by one of the Beagle Boys. Due to the DT-87 deactivated during an ambush and Glomgold's team of villains fighting the McDuck family, Louie manages to escape from punishment to save his family and defeat Glomgold.


  • The security drone's model number, DT-87, is both a reference to the original DuckTales and the same reference used in "McMystery at McDuck McManor!".
  • The drone is based on the ED-209 from the RoboCop franchise. The scene where the drone asks Dewey and Webby to comply and proceeds to shoot them anyway due to a malfunction despite complying with its demands is a reference to the ED-209 asking an OMNICORP employee to comply and proceeding to shoot him anyway due to a malfunction despite complying with its demands during a demonstration.

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