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As time progresses, it is important to document important cultural changes and aspects in order to fully understand the ramifications and impact structures and buildings have on a society. This page will explore how preservation documents and historical sources can be used to recreate buildings and structures that no longer exist and can no longer exists. In particular, Fort Benning, Georgia will be used as the primary source of analysis since the U.S. Federal Government devoted many resources into expanding and documenting the base between World War 1 and World War 2.

Fort Benning[edit]

This is the main structure map of Fort Benning, Georgia around the time of changes to the base made in preparation for World War 2. During this time, the Second Armored Division was stationed at Fort Benning, and many of the structures were devoted to training soldiers and mechanics in modern tank warfare.


Officer homes map[edit]

Structure numbers:

  • Left: 202-3, 205-6, 208-9, 211-3
  • Right: 214-220
  • Center: 213, 785-6
  • Bottom Center: 288-9
  • Bottom Right: 327-30, 332, 359-61

Officer structures[edit]

Non Commissioned Officer homes map[edit]

Structure numbers:

  • Left Bottom: 235, 238, 240-1, 243-4, 246-7
  • Left: 250-286
  • Center Left: 287-8, 290-323
  • Center Right: 331, 333-358
  • Right: 362-387
  • Bottom Right: 799, 390

NCO structures[edit]

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