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Template:Infobox restaurantColumbia Harbour House is a counter-service restaurant in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom.


Straddling the border between Liberty Square and Fantasyland, the Columbia Harbour House is a classical New England seaside tavern serving seafood, chicken and sandwiches. As a celebration of early New England nautical history, the two-floor restaurant is adorned with paintings, scrimshaw, model ships and numerous other artifacts to immerse you into the days of sail. The dining areas of the restaurant are all named after New England port towns, including Charleston, Cape Hatteras, Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, Long Island, Cape Cod, Portsmouth, New London, Newport, Marblehead, Salem, and Plymouth.


  • In a room on the second floor with a window view of The Haunted Mansion, artwork related to ghost ships such as the Flying Dutchman can be found hanging on the walls.
  • Early maps referred to the restaurant as the Nantucket Harbor House. Other old documents list dining rooms named after New Bedford and Montauk Point, which are not present in the final design.
  • One of the paintings is actually a copy of a matte painting used in the production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  • The namesake of the restaurant, Disneyland's Sailing Ship Columbia, appears on some of the exterior signage for the restaurant.

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