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ClearBlade, Inc is an Internet of Things Software company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company engineered an Internet of things platform enabling enterprises across different industries to build IoT solutions that make streaming data actionable by combining business rules and machine learning, with visualizations and integration, to existing business systems.

Since 2012, Austin-based ClearBlade has been focused on developing an IoT Platform intended for large industrial companies looking to build IoT infrastructures and solutions with enterprise IoT middleware. ClearBlade is focused on rapid deployment, enablement of machine learning solutions, security, edge computing, and an auto-sync feature between the Edge and the Cloud.


ClearBlade, LLC was founded on August 22, 2007 as a consulting firm focused on Enterprise Modernization. In 2012 ClearBlade switched it's focus from consulting to Internet of Things (IoT) software. In 2013 ClearBlade LLC converted to ClearBlade, Inc.

Prior to starting ClearBlade, Eric Simone (the founder and CEO), was the founder and CTO of Compete Incorporated, which sold to Perficient Inc. (PRFT) in May of 2000.


In September 2017, ClearBlade closes $3.0M in Series A funding, led by Align Capital in Austin, Texas. The funding helped to fuel the expansion of the ClearBlade engineering and sales teams to exceed projected revenue growth.  Lisa Harris, co-founder and Managing Partner of Align Capital, joined the ClearBlade Board of Directors, joining Matthew Clark who served as CFO of Perficient, Jan Lindelow previously Chairman and CEO of Tivoli Systems Inc and ClearBlade's CEO Eric Simone.

In addition to the Series A funding, ClearBlade's investors include some of the most high profile Austin technology entrepreneurs and industry veterans including Capital Factory, Jan Lindelow, past CFO of and Senior Vice President of Dell Jim Schneider, founder of Bazaarvoice Brett Hurt, Andrew Busey, and Ben Lamm.

ClearBlade Technology[edit]

ClearBlade IoT Cloud Platform[edit]

The ClearBlade IoT platform is the engineered core for developing integrated IoT Solutions that connect Devices to Enterprise Applications. ClearBlade is designed to be able to deploy across any cloud, internal infrastructure or industrial gateways. There is no dependency on Cloud specific APIs or definitions. The ClearBlade Platform can run on any major Linux distribution leveraging containers to fit within the boundaries of any secure network. ClearBlade can install and run securely next to a core system or behind a firewal

ClearBlade On-Premise Platform[edit]

The ClearBlade On-Premise Platform is a replicate of the Cloud Platform that enables organization who cannot deploy to the open Internet, or transmit data through a public cloud system, to manage it in their own private network. The ClearBlade IoT On-Premise platform automatically syncs with ClearBlade Edge running on any gateway.

ClearBlade IoT Edge Platform[edit]

The ClearBlade IoT Edge platform enables companies to synchronize, configure, manage state and deploy IoT systems with one common software stack. It allows to power activities at the edge of the organization's IoT solutions including real-time business rules, filtering, online / offline modes and messaging. Edge computing also offers strong security through encryption, authentication, and authorization of API access including tokens and certificates. The ClearBlade IoT Edge can be deployed at any gateway device.

ClearBlade IoT Portals[edit]

The role-based portals allow to easily visualize, monitor, interact and manage all the devices.

Developer focus[edit]

The Platform runs real-time data streaming and is built from the ground up for a developer audience. ClearBlade has chosen a developer-centric approach by designing the platform in alignment with developer methodologies and paradigms and by providing open-source SDKs (iOS SDK[1], Android SDK[2], JavaScript SDK[3], Java SDK[4], GoLang SDK[5], NodeJS SDK[6], Python SDK[7], C SDK[8]), complete API coverage and a command-line interface (CLI) for integration into IDEs and with support for developer work.


The strength of the ClearBlade Platform is in a horizontal approach allowing a screaming performance while maintaining rigorous security by embracing the open community accepted standards, utilizing approved best practices and libraries with openness and public validation, continually updating to protect against future discoveries and setting the default permissions to none.

The Platform provides different elements to insure its security as: a strong authentication, meaning that every interaction in the system requires a device and user to gain a valid token, an authority allowing only specific actors (whether a device or user) to access each granular element of a system, also an awareness and encryption (no matter what server it resides on on what network infrastructure it travels over) for the client’s data.


ClearBlade provides a free online-class for developers to get Certified Enterprise IoT Developer within the ClearBlade platform.


ClearBlade develops a network of certified partners[9] including system integrators, certified edge gateways, embedded partners and consulting partners to provide full IoT solutions to organizations across multiple industries:

The edge gateways and embedded partners[10] include:


  • ClearBlade named as 2017 IoT Enterprise Software Company of the Year[11]
  • ClearBlade named as 2017 Best Overall IoT Solution Award by IoT Exchange
  • ClearBlade named as 2016 Top 20 Leading Iot Solution Providers.[12]
  • ClearBlade named as 2016 Top 50 Most Promising Iot Solution Providers[13]
  • ClearBlade named as 2016 "Vendor to Watch" at the IoT6 Exchange conference held in San Antonio, Texas

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* ClearBlade is 2018 Platinum Sponsor of IoT World - IoT World Sponsors, 2018

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