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File:Tablet Rimush Louvre AO5476.jpg
List of the victories of Rimush, king of Akkad, upon Abalgamash, king of Marhashi, and upon Elamite monumental inscription, ca. 2270 BCE.)

In the Ancient Near East, clay tablets (Akkadian ṭuppu(m) 𒁾Script error: No such module "Category handler".) were used as a writing medium, especially for writing in cuneiform, throughout the Bronze Age and well into the Iron Age.


  • At new year, on the day of rites, the lady libates water on the holy. [...] On the day when the bowls of rations are inspected, Nance also inspects the servants during the appointments. Her chief scribe Nisaba places the precious tablets on her knees and takes a golden stylus in her hand. [...] The king who always cares for the faithful servants, Haia, the man in charge of registration, registers on a tablet him who is said to be a faithful servant of his lady but deletes from the tablet her who is said not to be the maidservant of her lady.

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