Christmas at the North Pole

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{{subst:saved_book}} Christmas at the North Pole is a Christmas-themed DuckTales storybook published as part of the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series in 1997.


On Christmas Eve, Huey, Dewey, and Louie receive a letter from Donald, saying that he has stopped off at the North Pole and has invited them to join him there for Christmas. Scrooge McDuck is skeptical of the idea at first, but agrees to it when he finds out that he can look for gold at the North Pole. After they, along with Duckworth, Mrs. Beakley, and Webby pack everything for the trip, Launchpad flies them northward, but he gets distracted looking at the scenery and ends up damaging one of the plane's wings. Launchpad says that it'll take him all night to fix the wing, which means they may miss seeing Donald for Christmas.

Regardless, though, Mrs. Beakley sets up camp and their Christmas tree. The group has a campfire and sings Christmas carols, attracting the attention of some friendly Arctic animals, until eventually Launchpad tells them he's finished the repairs. After getting back on the plane, Launchpad gets a call from Donald saying that he's not too far away, and they eventually meet up with him for Christmas morning.


  • Like in Webby Saves the Day before it, Webby is mistakenly stated to be Mrs. Beakley's niece in this book.


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