Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: The Big Cheese Caper

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The Big Cheese Caper is a 1991 Little Golden Book based on Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.


The Rescue Rangers are on a train with other mice going on a trip to the World Cheese Festival, as many mice were crowded on the train. In the train, Gadget was showing Chip and Dale her drill, which can be used for making holes in Swiss cheese. Monterey Jack meanwhile was working on his yodeling for the yodeling contest. Meanwhile, one of Fat Cat's minions was noticing Gadget's drill. Chip then sat aside Professor Girvin Gouda, who was competing and going to win the biggest cheese contest at the festival, who showed Chip a book called The Encyclopedia of Cheese Volume 1 and told him to read that and the other 19 volumes. Then Gouda would show the Rescue Rangers the cheese and they were all astonished. Then the Rescue Rangers smelled Happy Tom Cat Food, leading them to Fat Cat and wondering why he was on the train. Unfortunately the Rescue Rangers could not hear through the door.

Fat Cat was telling his minions that they would steal Gouda's cheese and disguise the cheese so it looks like it was his own. He reveals that the prize was a trip to Switzerland, telling his minions that he deserved the vacation. Chip and Dale stood near where Fat Cat was in order to wait for him in case he did anything suspicious. However they didn't notice anything and went to sleep.

The next morning Gouda's cheese and Gadget's drill was gone, leading to Chip and Dale believing that Fat Cat stole the cheese and the drill. Zipper then tried looking for Fat Cat nearby and found him.

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