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The Chill Grill is a location featured on That's So Raven. The restaurant is owned by Victor Baxter, who works as head chef.

After Victor is fired from his last job, Raven foresees her father closing the lights to his own restaurant, and assures him everything will be fine. The Chill Grill makes it's first official debut in "Out of Control", when Victor buys it.

Although it doesn't appear, the Chill Grill is mentioned in the Raven's Home episode "Vest in Show", where Chelsea asks Raven to help her serve pizza, reminiscing of their old jobs, while working for Victor.


  • When Raven has a vision of her father opening his own restaurant, it is under the name "Baxter's Place", the same name as the sign hanging in his kitchen.
  • Victor's rival Leonard Stevenson opens a restaurant called the Hill Grill.
  • The building was formerly known as the Four Aces, a swinging nightclub.
  • The Chill Grill was likely closed by Victor once he was hired at the White House. However, it may have only been temporary, given Victor would likely only work at the White House until the president's term was up.

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