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The Chez Chateau Maison is a luxury dog spa in Dog With a Blog.


The Chez Chateau Maison is a dog spa where Heather took Princess so she could give birth to her puppies.

Avery, Tyler, Chloe, and Stan form a plan to sneak so Stan could be there for his puppies being born. Avery and Chloe pretended to rich people with Stan, got a pregnant costume, to get in. However, the receptionist, Grace, told that a famous french veterinarian is booked for Princess, which Tyler took the time to be him.

They didn't noticed that Mason and Jason snuck in their minivan.

Bennett and Ellen also arrived because they thought this spa was for people, however, Ellen took a liking to it.

When they got there, Karl snuck in as well to distract Heather because she's gaga over him.

Once they were born, Heather told them that they were gonna give them away when their older.


  • Princess gave birth to Freddy and Gracie.
  • Bennett mistook this spa for people but Ellen took a liking to it once they found out.

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