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Template:AFC comment is a financial technology company based in San Mateo, California, focused on refining the current system of "Push Payments"[1], specifically Paper Checks. has built a method to send checks digitally via email or through any other online mechanism.[2]
IndustryFinancial Services, Payment Processor
Founder(s)P.J. Gupta

Company History[edit]

Originally based in Sunnyvale, California, was founded in 2015 by PJ Gupta and is currently located in San Mateo. In March of 2016,'s platform was released in public beta. They are funded by stalwart investors in Silicon Valley, including Tim Draper, AngelList founders, etc[3].

PJ is a payments buff from his days as Chief Network Architect of VISA. He founded the company to solve his own problem of using Paper Checks and taking on a large in-efficient way of making payments using Paper Checks.


Checkbook specializes in one sided Push Payments in the United States. They provide an API and dashboard to initiate payments and only require an email to send out the payment, without having to onboard users[4].

Virtual Credit Cards[edit]

Powered by VISA, customers can create Virtual Credit Cards accepted throughout the United States where ever VISA and Mastercard is accepted.

Instant Pay[edit]

A recipient of an instant payment will have the funds pushed to their debit card in 12 seconds[5].

Digital Checks[edit]

This is Checkbook's flagship product. Sender can send a digital version of a check directly to a sender's email.[6] Payment runs on the ACH Rails, with a standard 4 day delay. Payment is entirely digital.

Check 21[edit]

Provides a user the ability to print out a check and deposit it with the mobile bank or in person at their bank.

Mailed Check[edit]

Checkbook will send out a mailed check on your behalf using USPS. Estimated delivery time is 7 business days.

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