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Final Check[edit]

Let's see how well you can recognize a good TBL. Pick any one of your lesson plans that you feel meets the criteria previously established. Answer the questions below about it, and we'll see how you do!

<quiz> {My lesson uses technology to enhance the lesson, not to use it just because. |type="()"} + TRUE. - FALSE.

{My lesson helps my students attain more knowledge than they could have without technology. |type="()"} + TRUE. - FALSE.

{My lesson lets the students show their knowledge in an acceptable and appropriate way. |type="()"} + TRUE. - FALSE.

{My lesson allows the student to stay focused on the primary goal of the lesson. |type="()"} + TRUE. - FALSE. </quiz>

So, can you design a TBL?[edit]

Either congratulations or keep working. It will come to you with more practice. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

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