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</image> <group> <header>General information</header> <label>Introduced</label> <default>Unknown</default> <label>Description</label> <default>Indefinable</default> <label>Status</label> <default>Unknown</default> <label>Location</label> <default>Unknown</default> <label>Requires</label> <default>Unknown</default> <label>Levels</label> <default>Unknown</default> <label>Occupant</label> <default>No known occupation</default> <label>Association</label> <default>No known associations</default> </group> <group> <header>Additional information</header> <label>Related content</label> <label>Appearances</label> </group> <navigation>[Source]</navigation></infobox> Chainey is a personification featured on Gaia Online.


Given the name Chainey by NPC:Cindy Donovinh in a Gaia 9 Action Newsletter. It is a personification of the act of spamming people with chainmail or letter. A chain letter is a letter sent to a number of people, each of whom is asked to make and mail copies to other people who are to do likewise.[1]

The appearance of Chainey has blue envelopes that are arranged to be his appendages and attached to chains-like limbs. He as skewed eyes and a long tongue.


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