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The December 14, 2017, decision by the US Federal Communications Commission on “Restoring Internet freedom” has been met with a flurry of activity at the state level, summarized by Fight for the Future and in a table in “Summary of state-level net neutrality actions” section of the Wikipedia article on w:Net neutrality in the United States.

It seems likely that this activity is driven by the substantial popularity of strong net neutrality rules documented in the public opinion survey results and the failure of the US Congress to act on this issue summarized in the accompany figure.

Governors, attorneys general, and legislators have taken actions that might be described in five different categories:

1. Governors signed executive orders requiring all contracts with state agencies for Internet services to include enforceable net neutrality provisions for all their business in the state. These are the only actions that are effective immediately. They may be challenged and overturned by courts, but without such challenges, they are enforceable.
2. Attorneys general have joined a lawsuit against the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) [1]
3. Legislators have introduced legislation of three different types:
3.1. Mandate net neutrality by regulation.
3.2. Mandate net neutrality for all customers in the state as a precondition for all contracts with state agencies, similar to the executive orders.
3.3. Mandate net neutrality for all customers in the state as a precondition for all contracts with state agencies and many local governmental entities in the state, e.g., libraries and municipalities.

This category was created with the expectation that it might support the creation of separate pages devoted to discussion and documentation of what actions in this area are or might be conducted in each state or other jurisdiction like the District of Columbia in the United States.


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