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Item States and UTs Place Name of initiative/Organization Website link
Ambulance Kerala COVID19Jagratha
Oxygen Pan-India Dhoondh
Plasma Pan-India Dhoondh
Fight Against COVID
Delhi Delhi Fights Corona

Government of NCT
Jammu and Kashmir Coronavirus Watch - J&K
Maharashtra Pune Pune Divisional Commissioner Office
Telengana Telengana Plasma Donors
Cyberabad SCSC
Hyderabad Hyderabad City Security Council
Gifting a life
Plasma For You
Pan-India I.I.M.U.N.
Hospital Bed Availability Andhra Pradesh Government of Andhra Pradesh
Kerala COVID19Jagratha
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Government
Telangana Government of Telangana
West Bengal West Bengal Government (private hospitals)
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow UP Government
Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Government
Vaccination Centres Pan-India ISRO
Covid-19 Vaccine Availability Finder every 30 sec - Initiative by Jijish

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