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Buz-e-Chini (Template:Lang-haz) is an Pakistani-Afghan[1] Hazaragi dialect computer animated 3D short film made, directed by Abbas Ali. It is the first animated film in Hazaragi. The story is based on a folklore tale of Hazara people of Hazarajat, the central highlands of Afghanistan, where a cunning wolf tries to cheat three kids of a goat in the valley of Bamyan.[2][3]


One day the Buz-e-Chini leaves and advises her kids Algag, Bulgag and Chulgag not open the door for anyone. After the Buz-e Chini leaves the cunning wolf comes to the kids and ask them to open the door. First they do not open the door but after sometime the wolf makes them open it. The wolf takes away two of the kids while the third one hides in the mud-oven.

Buz-e-Chini sees that her kids are gone and hears the story from the kid who hid in the mud-oven. Then Buz-e-Chini challenges the wolf for a fight one on one and wins. The wolf returns her kids and she lives happily ever after in the valley of Bamyan beside the Buddhas..



This film was dedicated to Hussain Ali Yousafi, who played the role of Baiyo (the wolf) in the movie. The film was released after his assassination in Quetta, Pakistan.[3]

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