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{{subst:saved_book}} Button Soup is a 1975 Disney's Wonderful World of Reading storybook featuring Daisy Duck and Scrooge McDuck. In this book, Daisy tricks her stingy Uncle Scrooge into making enough soup for the whole town -- using just one button.


Daisy comes to visit her uncle Scrooge, who does not let her in and claims he has no food, knowing she is seeking it. However, Daisy spots some chicken wings in a cabinet and hints he is not as poor as he seems. She preheats a kettle and drops a button inside, beginning a frenzied process ending with a delicious stew. Scrooge opens by saying he saves spices "for a rainy day", but is eventually drawn in. They end up making enough soup for everyone. Afterwards, Daisy continues on her journey.


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