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The Bug Bar is the bar that Flik visits in Disney/Pixar's 1998 film A Bug's Life , when he is searching for warrior bugs. Among the patrons are P.T. Flea's circus troupe, who recently got fired after a stunt went awry.


The bar is an old, rusty, overturned lard can. The countertop is a Swiss army knife and the tables are bottle caps.

Role in the film[edit]

When Flik is searching for tougher bugs to fight against Hopper, he discovers a wasp attacking a fly by roughly kicking it out of the bar, making Flik decide to enter it to look for tough bugs.

Meanwhile, Francis gets into a brawl with a trio of flies (with whom he clashed earlier) and attempts a "Robin Hood" act with Slim and Heimlich, but the can of lard (which served as the bar's structure) overturns in the process after Dim, who was scared of maybe even bigger Thud the horsefly, walked over it, causing the rest of the bar to fall apart. In the aftermath, the barflies inside the bar (excluding the circus bugs) are shown to be knocked out and unconscious. Flik, thinking that they are real warrior bugs, hires them to fight against Hopper.


  • A Mega Gulp cup from Pizza Planet can be seen on top of the bar's entrance.
  • The same kind of lard can used for the bar appeared in Toy Story 4, where it got crushed under the carnival carousel.

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