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Template:Infobox Disney rideBuffalo Bill's Wild West Show (currently known as Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... with Mickey & Friends!; French: La Légende de Buffalo Bill) is a live, premium show located at the Disney Village area in Marne-la-Vallée, France near Disneyland Paris. It is a Western-themed dinner show (similar to other dinner shows such as Pirate's Dinner Adventure and Medieval Times) that features live entertainment in a modernized version of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, a circus-like show founded by Buffalo Bill himself 1883. It is an opening day attraction in Disney Village, where it and the rest of the Euro Disney Resort opened on April 12, 1992.


William Frederick Cody, better known as "Buffalo Bill", took his Buffalo Bill's Wild West spectacle to Europe where it largely became successful, especially in France. Following the success of the show in years, a reincarnation of Buffalo Bill's show can still be seen in Disney Village and two performances are presented nightly. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show is located inside the Gaumont Cinema & IMAX building, which houses the aforementioned attraction inside.

The original incarnation of the show was closed on March 17, 2009 as part of the Mickey's Magical Party event to add Mickey Mouse and his friends to perform during the show. It was later re-themed as "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... with Mickey & Friends!" as of April 4, 2009, which is the current incarnation of the show where Mickey Mouse and his friends join in the show to entertain guests.

On May 29, 2019 as part of Disney Village being overhauled for a renovation, it was announced that the show would be replaced by another Disney franchise though what franchise will replace the show is currently unknown after more than twenty years of performance.

Attraction Summary[edit]


When guests check in to dine in at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, they receive a cowboy hat and a color card to know which section they will be seated at (similar to like what happened at Medieval Times and Pirate's Dinner Adventure). Guests arrive at a saloon where they line up to get ready to see the show while entertained by a live cowboy band singing in front of them. Since 2009, the cowboy band sometimes gets joined by Disney characters mingling with them. After the pre-show, guests proceed into the arena where they seat at the chair which matches their color card.

Main Show[edit]

Dinner is served towards guest while the show begins (guests receive a chili starter, cornbread, a main entree including potatoes, sausage, chicken, ribs, followed by a dessert which is ice cream and crumble). It begins with Auguste Durand-Ruel, the Master of Ceremonies, introducing Mickey Mouse and his friends who join in with Buffalo Bill's show introducing themselves to the audience. Afterwards, Buffalo Bill (played by an actor) arrives and introduces himself to the audience about what life was all about in the Wild West. Bill then tells the audience to yell "Yeehaw" loudly to know if they are enjoying the show so that the tournament with the cowboys can begin and so that they can welcome Annie Oakley (played by an actress). Oakley then arrives in the arena as Bill introduces her to the audience as he tells them that Oakley has a good sharpshooting skill to flame off the candles. During a task to extinguish the candles, Oakley manages to do this task as Buffalo Bill congratulates Annie Oakley for doing this task just as he bids a farewell to Oakley after her introduction.

Soon as the cowboys take off the banners off the stage, Bill tells the audience that what they will be seeing in this sequence is Chief Sitting Bull (also played by an actor) and his warriors. Sitting Bull and his tribe arrive just as Sitting Bull talks to Bill in his native language just as Bill greets him. Just then, a group of Native American warriors arrive and perform a tribal attack around the arena riding on their horses to stop Buffalo Bill. Sitting Bull arrives again on the arena as the Native Americans leave after retreat. Later, a herd of longhorn cattle arrives on stage, along with a cavalry of stagecoaches arrive so that the cowboys set up a campfire to rest and have bean stew for dinner. Tired of having it, one cowboy tells another to take care of the longhorns and bring them to the ranch, not eat them. The cowboys then end up brawling across the campfire, indicating that they had very little food at that time and all they could eat is bean stew.

Beginning in 2009, Mickey, Goofy, and Chip and Dale arrive on the stage to entertain guests in stage. Mickey tells the group to know if they are angry to which the cowboys explain that their stomach rumbling is as "loud as the thunder of the Rocky Mountain" just as Mickey performs "If You're Hungry and You Know It" in the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It". Afterwards, Minnie appears on the arena and performs in front of the audience in the style of a saloon showgirl. Another cowboy then appears and does his lassoing tricks in front of the stage just as Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Chip and Dale perform with him performing songs such as "Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith and "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain". Afterwards, Mickey and Minnie perform "You Are My Sunshine" to cheer up the cowboys. Mickey, the gang, and the cowboys then perform a hoedown in front of the crowd and after this, Mickey, the gang, the cowboys, and the longhorns leave the stage after having so much fun.

Sitting Bull then appears on the rocky scenery just as the tribe of Native Americans returns and perform a ritual around a campfire and after it ends, a herd of American bison arrives in the arena to settle. The Native Americans then prepare for an attack to hunt the bison just as the bison leave the stage. Afterwards, the stage loops into another sequence where Buffalo Bill arrives again to welcome Annie Oakley again just as she practices her accurate sharpshooting skills in hitting the targets in the arena. As a bullseye target arrives, Oakley tells a guest from the audience to practice shooting a bullseye just like her. Annie Oakley then leaves the arena after the event just as the guests practicing with her returns to their seats. Buffalo Bill then tells the audience to call the Rough Riders to which they arrive on the arena, greeting the audience as the crowd shouts "Yeehaw" to arrive in front on the arena repeatedly as Bill hires a friend of him known as Auguste Durand-Ruel who hosts the rodeo games just as the Rough Riders begin the rodeo games, a number of events the cowboys take on. After a series of rodeo games, Buffalo Bill tells the audience to give a big applause for their hard work in the rodeo games.

Later that night, the tribe of Native Americans chases across the stagecoach across their territory, which is known as an ambush just as the cowboys manage to survive the ambush at night. Afterwards, a thief appears onstage which is known as the Stagecoach Robbery to which Auguste and some hostages end up being captured just as the cavalry of cowboys arrive at the scene where the stagecoach is being robbed, fighting off the robbers. Afterwards, Bill then explains the stagecoach should be returned back to the Western town just as the show ends with Auguste calling in for a celebration talking to Bill. There, Bill tells him that his performance in Paris has always been his favorite spot for his show to perform (referring to the historical successful performance in Europe) of all the capitals he performed at as the spotlights are filtered represent the colors of France's flag since the show is successful in France historically, while "Home on the Range" plays in the background in honor, followed by spotlights forming the colors of the flag of the United States. Afterwards, Auguste announces the winner of the tournament during the show as each color section is highlighted to know which team is the winner. He later presents a curtain call to give out a big applause to the actors and performers for all their hard work just as all the characters bid a farewell to the audience praising them for their hard work.



Template:Infobox Album The music of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was composed by George Fenton and was released in 1992 as part of the Resort's opening day. It features most of the music played in the original show.

Below are tracks listed in order as they appear on the CD. Listed after each track is the act associated with the track:

  1. Oh Susanna
  2. Auguste's Entrance
  3. The Cavalcade and Maze
  4. Buffalo Bill
  5. Annie Oakley (Little Missie)
  6. Chief Sitting Bull
  7. The Cattle Trail and Setting Up Camp
  8. Dinner Time
  9. Sweet Betsy from Pike
  10. Turkey in the Straw
  11. Night to Day
  12. Waking Up
  13. The Buffalo Quest
  14. Yankee Doodle
  15. The Opening of the Rodeo
  16. The Rodeo Games
  17. The Medicine Ball Game
  18. The Deadwood Stage
  19. The Reward
  20. Home on the Range
  21. The Final Review
  22. Farewell to the West

Other Information[edit]


  • The show varies during the Halloween and Christmas season.
  • Outside the theater is a warning that the show includes live animals (horses, bison, longhorns) during performance and dust effects, adding that guests with allergies should leave the arena. Therefore, the attraction is not recommended for guests who suffer from allergy or asthma.
  • On one occasion, guests may be chosen during the show to ride on the stagecoach during the stagecoach sequence or practice with Annie Oakley during the target practice sequence. For health and safety, guests must be in good health and avoid aggravating conditions.


Menu items throughout the show are usually cornbread, chili, Texan-style skillet (or roast chicken drumstick with sausage), and potato wedges for the standard entree and warm apple dessert with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Unlike in Medieval Times, guests can use silverware to eat properly.

Beverage items usually consist of mineral water, assorted type of beer, or Coca-Cola; wine is also sold only at Colonel Cody's Saloon, which is located outside the arena. The aforementioned bar also sells non-alcoholic drinks such as water, Coca-Cola, coffee, or tea (can also be ordered at the arena).


  • The animals featured in the show (longhorns, bison, and quarter horses) are imported from North America in order to give the attraction a Western theme.

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