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Bueno Nacho is a fictional restaurant featured in the show Kim Possible. The Bueno Nacho location, store #582, is in the town of Middleton. It is frequented most often by Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible, and other series regulars. It features a standard store design, including a signature sombrero-shaped roof. It is managed and staffed most frequently by Ned.


This small restaurant is located within walking distance of Middleton High School and both Kim and Ron's homes, in what appears to be a light commercial area.


Despite being a bargain pseudo-Mexican eatery, this restaurant is a significant location in Kim and Ron's lives. On numerous occasions, they are described as practically living there; almost all episodes with any time spent in Middleton have at least one scene in this location.

Kim and Ron attended the opening of this store when they were in elementary school.

The building was damaged in a battle between Kim and Shego, one of their first, and was almost destroyed by a nano-explosive bonded to Kim's face. Fortunately, a drop of Diablo Sauce and quick thinking with a straw minimized the damage.

Both Kim and Ron went to work under Ned for a brief time. Ron took naturally to the work, rose to replace Ned in management, and created a foodstuff called the "Naco" that would go on to be a worldwide phenomenon. They both soon quit due to conflict with their heroic exploits. Later, Bueno Nacho corporate management presented Ron with a back-royalties check for $99 million through this store.

Around the time of the Junior Prom, the entire Bueno Nacho corporation was bought out by Dr. Drakken, as part of his scheme to conquer the world with his toys in So The Drama. Bueno Nacho #582 was taken over by the toys, who ruled over Ned with an iron fist. This location was again damaged, as a speeding giant Lil Diablo in its battle form crashed into the sign and crushed part of the masonry of the building itself.

During senior year, the roof of Bueno Nacho #582 was destroyed on multiple occasions. First, Professor Dementor ambushed Kim and Ron following Ron's football debut, in an attempt to hijack Kim's Battle Suit. Later, a mutated Ron underwent a frightening mutation while eating massive quantities of junk food; transformed into a behemoth, he broke out through the roof and collapsed part of the building.

It was destroyed in the movie "Kim Possible: Sitch in Time" by Shego's rule and "Graduation, Part 2", when a Lorwardian tripod crashlanded there, to Ron's horror. Whether or not it would ever be rebuilt after Graduation is never revealed due to the series final end.


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