Brer Rabbit Rides the Fox

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Brer Rabbit Rides the Fox is a 1946 book based on Song of the South.


Hardbound, 32 pages, color and black & white. With dustcover. Book cover says "Adapted from the Original Uncle Remus Story by JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS" while the original dust cover also has an added third line: "and from Walt Disney's SONG OF THE SOUTH". Story adapted by Marion Palmer. Designed and produced by Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. Published by Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY. All the creatures are invited to Miss Goose's for a party. Brer Rabbit gets all dressed up and sees Brer Fox. Figuring he's jealous, he pretends to be sick and won't go. Brer Fox wants him to go, though, so he can drown him on the way there. Brer Fox coaxes Brer Rabbit into going by letting him ride on his back to the party—bridle, saddle, and all. He takes out spurs and rides him all the way there, humiliating Brer Fox and becoming the life of the party.[1]

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