Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place

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{{subst:saved_book}} Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place is a 1947 book based on Song of the South.


One of the first books released after the film's release in Australia. This book is one in a set of three. The three stories printed in the American Little Golden Book were split up into three separate books for printing in Australia. Printed by Colourtone Pty. Ltd. This time it looks like Brer Rabbit is finished for sure. He's tied up and about to be roasted over Brer Fox's fire.

He starts laughing, and gets the attention of Brer Bear. He talks Brer Bear into taking him to show him his "Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place". Brer Rabbit points to a nearby tree. Brer Fox and Brer Bear, curious, look in and get a facefull of bees![1]

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