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Brave New World is an annual conference launched in 2016.[1] in Leiden[2], The Netherlands. The conference facilitates dialogue, discussion, exchange and new forms of global networking and collaboration between artists and representatives of scientific and technological sectors working at the intersection of the arts, innovation, and future thinking.

Brave New World is meant for professionals coming from (applied) science, industry, (semi) government and the creative industry.

Program 2017[edit]

The second edition of the conference took place on 2 & 3 November in Leiden[3]. The conference featured the following four themes: human enhancement, nature & tech, Res Publica Ex Machina (politics from the machine) and artificial intelligence. These were the speakers of 2017:

Speaker Occupation Country
Neil Harbisson Cyborg, artist United Kingdom
Malka Older Author United States
Lucy McRae Artist Australia
Luciano Floridi Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information Italy, United Kingdom
Daisy Ginsberg Designer, author United Kingdom
Nell Watson Engineer, entrepreneur United Kingdom
Jeroen van Loon Artist Netherlands
Jay Tuck Journalist United States
Torill Kornfeldt Science journalist Sweden
Rens Vliegenthart Professor Media and Politics Netherlands
Jim Stolze Founder TEDX Amsterdam, tv-host RTL Z Netherlands
Amos Kater Director Advisory & Education Services Netherlands
Caspar Verwer Expert Nature Conservation IUCN Netherlands
Marietje Schaake Member of European Parliament Netherlands
Tim Reutemann Author Switzerland
Carl Miller Research-director CASM, author United Kingdom
Nicky Hekster Technical leader healthcare & life sciences,

IBM Healthcare

Micha Bruinvels World Press Photo Netherlands
Frederik de Wilde Artist Belgium
Josje Spierings Head of the Secretariat of the

International Data Responsibility Group

Moon Ribas Cyborg, artist Spain
Philip Brey Professor of Ethics of Technology United States
Angelo Vermeulen Space systems researcher, biologist Belgium
Jerry Spanakis Assistant Professor Data Science & Knowledge Engineering Greece
Femke Nijboer Assistant Professor Neuropsychology Netherlands

Program 2016[edit]

In 2016, Brave New World launched its first edition with a range of international speakers. In addition, the conference featured the 48 Hour Film Project. During this project, two teams of filmmakers created a short virtual reality film within 48 hours, based on the conference themes. The film was then screened at the Leiden International Film Festival[4]

Speaker Occupation Country
Ben Hammersley Applied futurist, broadcaster, author United Kingdom
Rachel Armstrong Sustainability innovator United Kingdom
Rob Zwijnenberg Professor of Art and Science Interactions Netherlands
David Levy Retro-Computers Ltd United Kingdom
Jaya Baloo KPN Netherlands
Floris Kaayk Artist Netherlands
Maarten Oonk Deloitte Netherlands
Annelien Bredenoord Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Ethics Netherlands
Bernard Hommel Professor of General Psychology Netherlands
Christine Mummery Professor of Developmental Biology United Kingdom

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