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My Bracelex is never wrong.
—Loretta Callisto

The Bracelex is a device that is used by Loretta Callisto in the Disney Junior animated series Miles from Tomorrowland. Worn on Loretta's wrist, the Bracelex is used for research and recording new discoveries that the Callistos find in space. It also proves very useful in having almost all the answers to any question in the universe.

Loretta's Bracelex features fourteen hexagon buttons that are worn around the wrist. Each button has an icon that represents a different function. Located between where the Bracelex connects from the wrist to the middle finger is the power button. When used, the Bracelex can display up to four or five holoscreens, or more. One used to display a projection keyboard and the other four used to display information and sometimes visual communication.


  • The inspiration for the Bracelex may have come from the concept for the Sony wrist computer, which is said to be a bracelet computer. Similar to the Bracelex, the wrist computer can project a holographic screen.[1]



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