Bodies of Water and Land Features

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File:Mississippi river.gif
The Mississippi River, Missouri River, and the Ohio River
  • Bodies of water support interaction among different regions, form borders and create links to other areas. Such as the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. These two rivers were the transportation arteries for farm and industrial products. They were links to ports and other parts of the world.
    • The settlers probably built the boats to sail on the river.
    • The map to the right shows the Missouri River, Mississippi River, and Ohio River.


A tributary is a river or stream that flows into a large river or lake
  • In the United States, bodies of water support, or allow, what three things?
      • Interaction among different regions, forming borders, and creating links to the other areas.
  • A river or stream that flows into a large river or lake is a tributary.
  • Sea or ocean water flowing to the land and is surrounded by land is a gulf/bay.
  • The Atlantic Ocean served as the highway for explorers, early settlers, and large immigrants.
  • The Pacific Ocean was an early exploration route.
  • Inland port cities grew in the Midwest along the Great Lakes.
  • The Gulf of Mexico provided the French and Spanish with exploration routes to Mexico and other parts of America.
  • The Ohio River was the gateway to the west
  • The Saint Lawrence River forms the northeastern border with Canada and connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Columbia River was explored by Lewis and Clark.
  • The Colorado River was explored by the Spanish.
  • The Rio Grande forms the border with Mexico.


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