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Only the Honor Guard of Lasan may carry a Bo-Rifle!
—Garazeb Orrelios, to Agent Kallus

The AB-75 Bo-Rifle (or simply known as a Bo-Rifle) is a blaster rifle and an electrostaff weapon that appears in the Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels.


Used exclusively by the Honor Guard of Lasan, the Bo-Rifles are known to have a long tradition in the Lasat Culture, and since the destruction of Lasan by the Empire, they are rarely seen in the galaxy.

Being a combination of both a Electrostaff and a Blaster rifle made it an interesting weapon. It consists of a staff that could be collapsed to a length roughly equivalent to a standard blaster rifle. When extended, the weapon's tips are electrified with energy tendrils and are the primary contact points of the weapon during combat. When retracted, the weapon's blaster function is used and functions as a blaster rifle.

Bo-rifles also have a third function; the weapon can be formed into a trident-like staff that can be used to tap into the power of the Force, known to the Lasat as the Ashla. In this state, it can also effect and control starship systems and circuits, which allowed Garazeb Orrelios to navigate through a collapsed star cluster to find the planet of Lira San, the original homeworld of his species.

Notable Bo-Rifles[edit]

Garazeb Orrelios' Bo-Rifle[edit]

As Zeb was one of the Honored Guards of Lasan, he carried this weapon and was one of the few Lasats that survived their planet's destruction. He now currently uses this weapon in the small Rebellion against the Empire.

Kallus' Bo-Rifle[edit]

During the destruction of Lasan, former ISB Agent Kallus was given his Rifle by a fallen warrior of the Lasat Honor Guard that he defeated. In respect of an old tradition, when a Lasat warrior is defeated by a superior opponent, he gifts him with his weapon. At the time it was assumed that Kallus took the Bo-Rilfe as a trophy, and while in his possession, he made some modifications to it for close combat.


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