Bill Nye's Lessons in Living Sustainably

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Bill Nye's Lessons in Living Sustainably
United States National Park Service
Bill Nye's Lessons in Living Sustainably, Event Listing, 09/23/2012, Homestead National Monument of America. United States National Park Service.



Bill Nye's Lessons in Living Sustainably

Bill Nye, "The Science and Planetary Guy", is coming to Homestead National Monument of America! Learn fun and amazing lessons about living sustainably on Planet Earth. His program will take place on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 2 p.m. at the Homestead Education Center, with seating opening at 12 p.m. This program will be held outdoors. A large crowd is anticipated; it is recommended people come early and, while chairs will be available, consider bringing their own lawn chairs. This program is also free, made possible by a grant from the National Park Foundation. No tickets are needed and shuttle service will be provided in and around the monument to easily accommodate all participates.

Bill Nye is a scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor, known to millions through his many science lessons taught on television. Bill Nye is the host of three currently-running television series. "The 100 Greatest Discoveries" airs on the Science Channel. "The Eyes of Nye" airs on PBS stations across the country. "Stuff Happens" airs on Planet Green. His mission it help people everywhere understand and appreciate how science can help us live on the planet with the least impact. Bill Nye is the President of the Planetary Society of California. The beautiful mural currently on display at the Homestead Education Center, "From Longships to Spaceships: 1,000 Years of Exploration" is on loan from the Planetary Society.

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