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This page documents the benefits of placing the rear camera(s) of mobile phones in the corner of the rear side instead of the center.

Although a common argument in favour of centered rear-cameras is the symmetrical design, this is outweighed by the practical benefits of cornered mobile phone cameras.


Less likely to cover lens[edit]

A rear camera placed in the corner is less likely to be unintentionally blocked by the fingers during horizontal camera operation, which allows holding the camera more comfortably and more stamina and in more different ways because there is more grip space for the fingers.[1]

Less likely to touch camera lens[edit]

During the horizontal operation of the device, accidentally touching it could leave traces of dirt that could disturb the autofocus and affect image quality if not cleaned prior to the next camera operation.

People with long fingers who use mobile phones with rear fingerprint scanner might accidentally touch the camera lens when trying to use it.[2]

More efficient usage of physical space[edit]

With a centered camera, especially one that is additionally farther away from the vertical top, mobile phones manufacturers are forced to build components around the camera module in the scarce physical space of the device's casing.[3]

It metaphorically resembles starting to pack ones luggage with placing the first item in the center of the space and the attempting to place things around it without moving the first item.

More perspectives[edit]

A corner camera can be closer to the ground, closer to a ceiling, closer to a wall, and easier to lean against a suitcase (or other obstacles) without covering the camera (in case one forgot a mobile phone camera stand and camera mount at home).

The LED flash light which can be used as a torch is usually located in proximity of the camera, and allows reaching ans illuminating tighter places

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