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Avgur Estate
Trading nameAvgur Estate JSC
Native nameAvgur Invest

Brief Description[edit]

Avgur Estate JSC is rated the 5th Major Construction Company in Moscow.[1]. It has been operating since January 17, 1992; the OGRN was assigned on August 19, 2002 by the registrar of the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 17 in the Moscow Region. Head of the organization: General Director Kachura Sergey Anatolyevich. The legal address of Avgur Estate is Ulitsa Shakhterov, 22, Novomoskovsk, Tulskaya oblast', 301664, Russia. The main activity is “Construction of residential and non-residential buildings”, 1 additional type of activity is registered. The organizations AKTIONERNOE SOCIETY AVGUR ESTATE were assigned TIN 7731041421, BIN 1027739085428, OKPO 17384542.[2] [3]

| Tin = 7731041421 | OGRN = 1027739085428 | GEARBOX = 500301001 | Date of registration = April 10, 2017 | Tax authority = Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 14 for the Moscow region | OKPO = 17384542 | OKATO = 46228501000 | OKOGU = 4210014 | OKTMO = 46628101001 | OKFS = Private property | Registration number of the FIU = 060002030121 | FSS Registration Number = 772510534550421 | FIPS code: 191185[4]

The phone number, e-mail address, address of the official website and other contact details of Avgur Estate can be found on the organization web page.


The most famous projects are the residential complex “Camelot” (1st and 2nd stage) and the club complex “Three Poplars”. In total, during its work, the holding realized and built about 615 thousand square meters of residential and commercial space.[5] [6]

Avgur Estate is one of the largest industrial and construction holding companies in Russia with a firm grip on the Australian, Canadian, English and the German market, founded in 1992. [7] Today, Avgur Estate comprises of over 45 industrial operations in Australia, Canada, Russia and Germany. With the largest production base in these countries, Avgur Estate is able to build modern, well-equipped housing in 53 cities throughout Russia at the most affordable prices in the market, and with the largest volume – about 1.7 million square meters annually.

To date, it is one of the five leaders in housing development in Moscow. In its new capacity, “Augur Estate” deals with the development of the territories of New Moscow on an area of ​​2500 hectares, which are owned by A101 Development . The long-term project “City A101” envisages the construction in the next twenty years along the Kaluga highway 15 million square meters. m housing, 3 million square meters. m. of commercial real estate, as well as social infrastructure facilities with a total area of ​​600 thousand square meters.[8]

Credit Line[edit]

Sberbank of Russia approved the opening of a framework line of credit to the Augur Estate developer with a limit of 14 billion rubles. The purpose of the allocated credit line is the implementation of projects for the integrated development of the territory on land plots along the Kaluzhskoye Highway, owned by the Augur Estate group of companies. The term of the credit line is 60 months.[9] [10]

Sberbank of Russia OJSC is the largest bank in Russia and the CIS with the widest network of branches, providing a full range of investment banking services.


Avgur Estate is in Investments and a construction company, founded in 1992 in Moscow. The main activities - investment, construction, as well as the implementation of residential and commercial real estate.[11] [12]


As of 10.26.2018 there is information about the organization’s participation in 11 arbitration processes: 4 as a plaintiff and 7 as a defendant. The total amount of claims to the organization is 8,080,951.52.[13]

For the period from 2015, data were found on 23 unscheduled inspections conducted in respect of Augur Estate JSC, the results of which revealed 242 violations.[14]

Information was found on 26 enforcement proceedings in respect of Augur Estate JSC, 13 of them opened for the amount of 5,668,089.65 . Debt outstanding: 5,654,465.21.[15]

Information is available on 180 completed arbitration proceedings of Augur Estate JSC: 105 as a plaintiff, 61 as a defendant, 12 as a third party and 3 as another person.[16]

Leninsky District Court of Tambov. According to the official District Court website, 14 civil cases were initiated against the developer, and now all of them have been reviewed. According to the official website of the Vidnovsky City Court, M.O. AO “Augur Estate” JSC filed 4 lawsuits, 2 of which were partially satisfied, one was left without consideration and another applicant was denied a lawsuit. Jurisdiction of the location of the object: Shcherbinsky District Court of Moscow. The bank of data of courts of general jurisdiction of the city of Moscow issues about 300 cases, of which in 8 cases it was refused to satisfy the requirements, about 250 claims were partially satisfied, and more than 30 claims are under consideration. According to the files of the files of a Arbitration court, developer is involved in 95 cases in one capacity or another. Bankruptcy proceedings against the developer are absent. In 2015, JSC Augur Estate actively and successfully sued the Federal Cadastral Chamber. Almost all claims of the developer were satisfied. As for civil proceedings, at present several claims have been filed with the developer for a total amount of about 5 million rubles. In turn, Avgust Estate JSC collected 17,689,979.47 rubles from an unscrupulous supplier of LLC Stroy Garant, another lawsuit was filed to it in the amount of 60 982 632.40 rubles. A total of 8,478,269.97 rubles were collected from the contractor LLC SLE. As for the enforcement proceedings, on the basis of the FSSP Search by name and address of the developer issues 13 executive proceedings in the total amount of 77,220 rubles. All cases are fresh (April 2017) and are associated with the payment of state duty or performing collection. This indicates that despite the loss shown by the developer in the first 9 months of 2016, there are funds in the accounts, and writs are paid. Thus, today it is possible to give a positive forecast for the recovery of a penalty on the writ of execution. At the same time, we believe that it is not necessary to delay the start of the process and it is worth submitting a claim in the near future.[17].

Property developer Avgur Estate has filed a lawsuit against real estate company K-region with the Moscow Arbitration Court, Vedomosti reported Monday, citing the court's website. Avgur Estate said that K-region's GardenPark Edalgo project encroached on an area where an access way to the former's A101 project was intended to be built. The area is owned by City Hall, Avgur Estate said. The developer also said that in March, K-region's permit for the GardenPark Edalgo project had been canceled. The project envisages building a 25-story apartment building on a 850 square meter land plot. It is being developed in the town of Kommunarka in the territories annexed to Moscow on July 1.[18].

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Avgur Estate[edit]

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