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Assyr Abdulle

Assyr Abdulle (* 19. January 1971 born in Geneva) is a Swiss Mathematician working on numerical analysis and computational mathematics.

Assyr Abdulle obtained his PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Gerhard Wanner and Ernst Hairer at the University of Geneva in 2001 with a thesis entitled Chebyshev's Methods based on orthogonal polynomials.[1]. He also holds a degree in violin and music from the Geneva Conservatory of Music (1993). In 2001/02, he was a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University and in 2002/03 at the Computational Laboratory (Colab) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. In 2003, he became assistant professor at the University of Basel and in 2007, lecturer and then associate professor at the University of Edinburgh. Since 2009, he has been a full professor of mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), where he holds the chair of numerical analysis and computational mathematics.


His research interests concern the modelling and numerical simulation of deterministic and stochastic multi-scale physical processes with applications in biology, chemistry, materials science, geology and medicine. He has contributed to develop the Heterogeneous Multiscale Method (HMM) [2], [3] and has introduced the orthogonal Runge-Kutta-Chebyshev (ROCK) methods [4] that have since been generalized to multi-scale stochastic systems [5].


In 2009 he was awarded the James H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing [6] [7] for his "outstanding contributions to a broad range of applied mathematics fields, including stability analysis and mathematical software for stiff initial value problems, efficient solution algorithms for stochastic differential equations, and error analysis of heterogeneous multiscale methods"[8] and in 2013 the Germund Dahlquist Prize[9] [10] for his "contributions to the numerical analysis of stiff ordinary differential equations, to multiscale methods for partial and stochastic differential equations and to the implementation of numerical algorithms to problems in chemistry and biology”[11]


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