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The AquaScum 2003 is an all-purpose, self-cleaning maintenance free salt water purifier that is guaranteed to even extend the life of your aquarium fish. The AquaScum is programmed to scan your tank environment every 5 minutes?
Peach, reading the manual of the AquaScum 2003
Temperature: 82 Degrees. pH Balance: Normal.
—-AquaScum 2003

The AquaScum 2003 is a talking filter bought by Dr. Sherman for his office fish tank after he enters his office one day to find the tank very dirty (caused by Nemo, who managed to successfully jam the filter).

Role in the film[edit]

The AquaScum 2003 is designed to automatically scan the tank for any filth to remove with its laser beam. It includes a talking voice to check the status, such as the temperature and prototype hydraulic (pH) balance. Rather than taking his fish out and putting them into bags so that the dentist cleans the tank like Gill expected him to do as a part of his escape plan, Dr. Sherman instead installs the device, thus sabotaging any chance of his fish, especially Nemo, from escaping the office. However, at the end of the film, the device stops working, despite having a maintenance free, lifetime guarantee and the tank gets filthy again, much to the chagrin of Dr. Sherman, who is then forced to clean the tank himself by taking the fish out and putting them into bags (however, the fish manage to escape the office this time).


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