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The Apple cult is the tendency of Apple's customers not to question Apple's products, to dismiss criticism of Apple and trivialize the weaknesses of their products.

Double standard[edit]

Members of the Apple cult tend to devalue the functionality and innovations of other mobile phone manufacturers, while cheering at Apple for introducing the same or similar functionality on iPhones often years later.[1]

This includes fast charging functionality, video recording capabilities and water resistance. (Detailed list)

In addition, Apple iSheepocrite cult members and possible shill accounts have heavily criticized the thickness of around 8 millimetres of other vendor's mobile devices in the early 2010s, such as Samsung, while not vilifying more recent iPhones for the same thickness.

Apple cult members and several mobile phone reviewing technology journalists have historically hypocritically labelled the same functionalityfeature creep”, an anti-power-user buzz word, on non-Apple mobile phones that was considered innovation when Apple released the first iPhone with the same or similar functionality years later. The same buzz word is invoked against features lacked by iPhones, such as user-replaceable batteries, as described in {{#invoke:Section link|main}}.

Some Apple cult members even keep purchasing Apple products despite being aware of their planned obsolescence practices[2], which resembles stockholm syndrome.

Animation parody[edit]

The sheeple behaviour of many Apple customers has been parodized in a 2010 film on a YouTube channel called Tiny Watch, animated in XtraNormal, where two characters argue inside an imaginary mobile phone store.

The customer wants to purchase a then new iPhone 4 on the same day it was released, which the store owner or staff member refused, arguing it is not possible without a pre-order, but then suggesting the customer to purchase an HTC Evo.

The shop owner/staff starts mentioning one benefit of the HTC One Evo, which the customer dismisses because of the device not being an iPhone, and no logical reasons.

Then, the shop owner/staff made joke arguments such as claiming the HTC Evo to be able to print money, to which the sheeple customer still responds Template:Iquote.[3]

Many comments under said video emphasise Apple customers behaving similarly a decade later.

Jimmy Kimmel tests[edit]

The comedian Jimmy Kimmel has run several tests on the open streets that prove the naïvity of many Apple customers.

In the tests, he fools protagonists into thinking that a device is a new Apple product, despite of being the same, a predecessor (even the first generation, iPhone 2G) or an unrelated device (e.g. a Casio watch).[4]


  1. The same hypocrites who bashed the Galaxy S4 for its “unnecessary” Air View “gimmick” did praise Apple massively for their 3D touch. -
  2. Melina Sophie (2016-10-22). "WHAT'S ON MY NEW iPHONE" (video). – YouTube celebrity Melina Sophie (LifeWithMelina) reports her iPhone 6s+ stop functioning due to possible planned obsolescence, shortly after which she purchased an iPhone 7, as unboxed in the video. Melina can metaphorically be described as bending down like a slave and kissing Apple's feet.
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