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Animator's Palate is a character-themed restaurant on the Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Dream ships.


As its name suggests, it is an animation-themed restaurant with sketches of Disney characters decorated in the walls. In the Disney Dream version, it features a film reel across the restaurant as a decoration.

Depending on the ship, each Animator's Palate features a different show during dinner. In Disney Dream, guests can interact with Crush, a sea turtle who mingles with guests aboard the ship during dinner time in a format similar to the attraction Turtle Talk with Crush. This format is exclusively for the Disney Dream version.

In Disney Magic, Fantasy, and Wonder, the Animator's Palate features a show containing a montage of clips from the Disney Animated Canon shown in a format from various themes from beginnings, conflicts, and conclusions during the show. This show was refurbished and reimagined as "Drawn to Magic" on November 2013. This version includes recently-released films and Pixar films in this version. The end of the show features the theme song from Fantasmic, where Sorcerer Mickey dances around the restaurant to mingle with guests. In 2017, clips from Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Finding Dory, and Moana were included in the revamp.

Aside from this show, Animator's Palate also features a show titled Animation Magic where guests can draw their own character so that they can interact with Disney characters in the cartoons. Once the guests finish drawing their characters, Mickey Mouse appears in screen and brings the characters to life. After the show, Mickey thanks the guests for drawing their characters so that they can see their drawings come to life in animation.

The restaurant also features a Be Our Guest sequence featuring clips from the iconic song from Beauty and the Beast of the same name to entertain guests with Mickey presenting Lumière to perform in front of the guests



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