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PRIMEDICE {{#invoke:Sidebar|sidebar}} AniRena (Before named, changed to AniRena at 2006) is a BitTorrent website focused on East Asian (Japanese, and Chinese /or Korean) media. It is one of the oldest public anime-dedicated torrent indexes.


In 2003, the Anime and Manga scene was booming, there were a lot of sharing options through IRC, but bit-torrent was still in it's child shoes. As a starting developer, the owner of one of the biggest anime IRC channels on (#Anime) decided to start a bit-torrent tracker called and it became very fast popular and big. These days there were a handful of other bit-torrent trackers, such as Scarywater (now defunct), TokyoTosho, AnimeSuki (no activity), and BoxTorrents (now known as Nyaa Torrents).

Roughly around 2009, a disaster happened with the hosting party (OVH), which shut down the server, and no good backup was available back in that time, and everything was lost that made AniRena as it was what it was. The owner (Power2All) quit the scene for a short moment, to focus on some other things that was important at that time, until some fansub groups requested to bring back AniRena, as it was a pretty useful website.

AniRena was rebooted again in 2012, with a new design and more options and functions, that no other tracker had, and at this moment still don't have, such as: Editing the torrent before submitting and after submitting, DHT enable/disable option after uploading, Scraping external tracker, and more.

After 2012 and the reboot, AniRena received various threats like DDoS attacks and some other little scandals that was either false, invalid or to put AniRena in a bad daylight.

In 2018 it was mentioned that AniRena was going to get a redesign of the website, and a completely new back-end through the use of a API, to make dealing with external parties simpler and easier. At this day, it's still being developed.


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