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Anderson Observatory is the home of the Robinson family as seen in Meet the Robinsons. Shortly after Lewis/Cornelius was adopted by Bud and Lucille, they bought and moved into the closed Anderson Observatory and over the years expanded it into the much larger Robinson mansion seen in 2037. Areas in the house include Cornelius' lab in the upstairs dome, the music room where Franny's frog band rehearse, Gaston's cannon range, a train station for Billie's trains, a dining room overlooking the expansive topiary gardens of the Robinsons estate and, in the house's sub-basement, the heavily secured lab where Cornelius worked on the time machine.

In the Doris-controlled future, the house has been transformed into the Mega Doris, the mobile fortress that Doris oversees her whole empire from, staffed by the mind-controlled Robinson family. This future, of course, was undone by Lewis' vow to never invent Doris.


  • Anderson Observatory is named after the film's director, Stephen J. Anderson.
  • According to an interview, Anderson Observatory was inspired by an actual mansion.
  • Anderson Observatory overlooks Todayland.


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