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Template:Infobox dot-com company Alcotech Internet Private Limited is an Indian startup with its headquarter in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

It provides business consulting, information technology and staff augmentation services. Founded by Mr. Ranjan Shetty and Mr. Harish Reddy in the year 2018, with the sole aim to provide exquisite and innovative features to the concept of mobile technology.

Products and Services[edit]

Alcotech Internet Private Limited (also known as AIPL) provides various IT solutions and services.

  1. Software development .
  2. Design and validate mobile applications.
  3. Design services of advertising and marketing.
  4. Enterprise software solutions that helps organisations with their innovation management and technical requirement.
  5. Staff augmentation services: From mid 2019, Alcotech also have started it's staffing services in collaboration with Green Bubbles Startup Services Pvt.Ltd.

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